Marchello Enchilini


Since 1964, Franchi Real Estate has been a family run business, built on a tradition of providing unparalleled service to those seeking the best in Israeli real estate.

Marchello Enchilini, licensed building contractor, master builder and developer, is the long serving CEO and owner of the company founded by his father Francesco (Franchi) as a branch of the family business, when he immigrated to Israel from Venice, Italy.


Exclucive Properties

5-room duplex in Kfar Ganim B neighborhood, Petah Tikva

Interior - 113 Sq. M.
Balcony - 8+60 Sq. M.
Price - $1,000,080

Renovated 4.5 room duplex in the heart of the city, Petah Tikva

Interior - 104 Sq. M.
Roof - 70 Sq. M.
Price - $798,739

Renovated 3-room apartment in Herzliya Green East

Interior - 85 Sq. M.
Price - $1,279,833

Duplex 4.5 rooms on Shabazi Street, Tel Aviv

Interior - 135 Sq. M.
Balcony - 42 Sq. M.
Price - $3,964,321

Large renovated 4 room apartment in Tel Ganim, Ramat Gan

Interior - 125 Sq. M.
Balcony - 15 Sq. M.
Price - $1,258,085

2 room luxury apartment in Leonardo City Tower, Ramat Gan

Interior - 44 Sq. M.
Price - $656,242

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