Maximizing the price of your property

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Each apartment has maximum potential,

We have the tools to help you maximize the property’s maximum potential.

At the beginning of the process, we will visit the property to see and advise on the improvements required with minimum cost, time and effort.

Marcelo has over 30 years of experience and knowledge in upgrading and renovating properties before sale.
His extensive experience in selling many properties to foreign residents as well as to Israelis, gives him the expertise in upgrading properties before selling them.
Marcelo knows exactly which points to focus on that are important to the buyer and which will bring the seller the best price.

A change in the small things in the property makes a big difference which will be reflected in a significant financial way in the sale.
Starting with simple painting and a minimal “cosmetic” upgrade, continuing with styling and up to larger renovations.

Tips for maximizing sales

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• Always think through the buyer's eyes and not your.
• Elements that are under your control:

• Order and cleanliness, especially at the entrance to the property. There is no second chance for a first impression.
• Arrangement of objects and furniture in the property. Not crowded and busy.
• Pleasant smell in the property.

• Lighting that compliments and emphasizes the advantages of the property. The buyers like a bright and ventilated apartment.

• Cleanliness around the property, including yards, the entrance hall, the stairs and the garden.

• Aesthetics of the front door and the refrigerator. Removal of deserts.

• Opening the room doors during the entire visit to the property to give a sense of space and ventilation.

• Ventilate the apartment about an hour before the visit. Heating or cooling as needed.

• Clearing the entrance to the property of objects such as: shoes, bags, keys, garbage bags, etc.

• Excellent order in the apartment: offered beds, closed wardrobes, clean dining tables, etc.

• Order and cleanliness in the bathrooms: closing the toilet lid, clean towels and matching toilet accessories.

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