Adv. Yaakov Partosh

עו"ד יעקב פרטוש
Adv. Yaakov Partosh

Attorney Yaakov Partosh has been dealing in real estate for about 20 years, and behind him is extensive experience in thousands of real estate transactions, and he advises and represents many clients regarding the purchase of real estate in Israel and specializes in everything related to real estate law, a wide-ranging, complex and diverse legal field.

Real estate transactions are relatively common, but they can be complex and complicated, making the lawyer’s involvement particularly critical. The complexity of the transactions and the laws governing them, which are found in different laws and regulations, require the care of a professional with a specific specialization in real estate law.

The specific professional knowledge of lawyer Yaacov Partosh allows him to advise how to reduce costs in transactions in which he represents his clients, how to reduce tax payments and draw up a real estate contract that protects the client.

Attorney Yaakov Partosh also handles legal proceedings in the courts and in front of various tribunals such as appeal committees, the supervisor of the condominiums, mediations and arbitrations, disputes and conflicts, dissolution of partnership in real estate, etc.

In most cases, the purchase of an apartment is one of the most important transactions in the life of an average person who does not invest in real estate. This is why lawyer Yaakov Partosh, who knows the field well, is an essential element in the transaction, because he makes sure that it is as accurate and professional as possible. A significant part of his role is Identify mistakes in the drafting of the contract, in the registration of rights or in taxation matters, which may cost delays or a lot of money for the seller or the buyer.

Attorney Yaakov Partosh specializes in dealing with the issue of taxation applicable to real estate transactions, since the tax authorities in Israel impose specific taxes on the purchase and purchase of property, such as purchase tax on the part of the buyer and the improvement levy and appreciation tax on the part of the seller. Correct accompaniment of the transaction is to represent the client in front of the tax authorities, submit a tax calculation and make sure that the tax assessments are clear, known and adapted to the situation in reality.

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